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Getraun, hver skrifađi ţetta tímabćra ljóđ?

 Ég fann ţetta ljóđ á góđum stađ og ţar sem mér finnst ţađ eiga eins vel viđ núna og ţegar ţađ var skrifađ, ţá birti ég ţađ hér - án leyfis höfundar. Nei, nei ţađ er ekki eftir mig. 

you tell me about politics
this that
you speak of rats.

geese. a world of peace
you stumble stammer
pound your fist
an’ i tell you there are no politics
you swear
tell me how much you care

you cheat the lunch counter man
out of a pack of cigarettes
an’ i tell you there are no politics
you tell me of goons’
graves. ginks an’ finks
an’ of what you’ve read

an’ how things should be
an’ what you’d do if . . .
an i say someone’s been
tamperin’ with your head
you jump
raise your voice

an’ gyrate yourself
t’ the tone of principles
your arm is raised
an’ i tell you there are no politics
in the afternoon you run
t’ keep appointments

with false lovers
an’ this leaves you
drained by nightfall
you ask me questions
an’ i say that every question
if it’s a truthful question

can be answered by askin’ it
you stomp
get mad
i say it’s got nothin’ t’ do with
gertrude stein
you turn your eyes

t’ the radio
an’ tell me what a
wasteland exists in television
you rant an’ rave
of poverty
your fingers crawl the walls

the screen door leaves black marks
across your nose
your breath remains on
window glass
bullfight posters hang crooked above your head
an’ the phone rings constantly

you tell me how much i’ve changed
as if that is all there is t’ say
out of the side of your mouth
while talkin’ on the wires
in a completely different
tone of voice

than you had a minute ago
when speakin’ t’ me about something else
i say what’s this about changes?
you say "let’s go get drunk"
light a cigarette
"an’ throw up on the world"

you go t’ your closet
mumblin’ about the phoniness of churches
an’ spastic national leaders
i say groovy but
also holy hollowness too
yes hollow holiness

an’ that some of my best friends
know people that go t’ church
you blow up
slam doors
say "can’t no one say nothin’ t’ you"
i say "what do You think?"

your face laughs
you say "oh yeeeeeaah?"
i’m gonna break up i say
an’ reach for your coat
‘neath piles of paper slogans
i say your house is dirty

you say you should talk
your hallway stinks as
we walk through it
your stairs tilt drastically
your railing’s rotted
an’ there’s blood at the

bottom of your steps
you say t’ meet bricks with bricks
i say t’ meet bricks with chalk
you tell me monster floor plans
an’ i tell you about a bookie shop
in boston givin’ odds on the presidential

i’m not gonna bet for a while i say
little children
shoot craps
in the alley garbage pot
you say "nothin’s perfect"

an’ i tell you again
there are no

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1 Smámynd: Offari

Ég giska á Bob Dylan.

Offari, 19.4.2009 kl. 12:49

2 Smámynd: Sveinbjörn Kristinn Ţorkelsson

Flottur, ţetta er hárrétt, ţetta er af "linernotes" Another Side of Bob Dylan plötunni frá 1964 - Some Other Kinds Of Songs -

Sveinbjörn Kristinn Ţorkelsson, 19.4.2009 kl. 13:11

Bćta viđ athugasemd

Ekki er lengur hćgt ađ skrifa athugasemdir viđ fćrsluna, ţar sem tímamörk á athugasemdir eru liđin.


Sveinbjörn Kristinn Þorkelsson
Sveinbjörn Kristinn Þorkelsson

Já ég er Snæfellingur o.s.fr. þannig get ég lýst lífi mínu, en ef þið viljið vita eitthað meira - sláið þá bara á nefið mitt eða hattinn, ég setti einhverjar staðreyndir hér fyrir innan. Possi.




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